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Every house owner would love to have a beautiful lawn, with green grass and great flowers. However, even if you think that it’s just grass, things are not as easy as it seems. There are different types of grasses that you can have for your lawn, and you’ll need to select and choose the one that fits the architecture in a perfect way.

We say that it needs to fit the architecture and the landscape because the grass for the lawn is made of different species of grass, some more resistant than others to direct sunshine. For example, those that need direct sunshine won’t last in a place where you have a lot of shadows.

A Sunny Yard
If you have a big yard, it means that the place is mostly sunny during the day, so you’ll need a type of grass that is adequate to resist. You can have flowers on it, but make sure you use it only in those places that have a lot of sun – about eight hours per day. The Festuca Arundinaceea is the type of grass that needs to be a majority in your grass, about 60%, combined with something else, like Poa or Lolium. These are also types that are resistant to the sun.

A Small Yard
If you have a small yard, then it’s possible to have different types of areas. For example, in the front of the house, you may have a lot of sunshine, while the corners of the garden and the back of the house might be in shadow. You’ll need to get the right type of grass for each area, as not all of them can survive in shadow or in direct sunshine.

If you get special help from a company that sells different types of grass for the lawn, you’ll also be able to get professional advice regarding what to choose. It would be a pity to plant grass for sunshine in a shadowy area, so make sure you know what you choose.

For Flowers
There’s not a special type of grass for the areas where you have flowers, but you can get a combination of different types of grass. You’ll have to plant it before planting the flowers, and also let it grow. Once the grass reaches about 30 cm in height, you can trim it and it would be perfect for creating a beautiful flower bed.

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Having a house means that you have to take care of it, not just on the inside, but also on the outside. It takes a great deal of dedication to make sure that the lawn is not overseen, so choosing the right type of grass for your lawn will make a big difference for its aspect.

There are different types of grasses for your lawn, so you’ll need to know which one to choose when you want your yard looking beautiful and maintained.

The Grass for Shadow
This type of grass only needs two hours of sunshine during the day. It can survive without direct sunshine, but you won’t have a very thick grass. Usually, the places with no sunshine are behind the house or in the corners of your yard, where there’s also a lot of humidity and moss. These areas are the most difficult to cover with grass, as the type of grass for these areas is thin, with a lower resistance to intense traffic. The resistance of this type of grass is given by a species of grass called Festuca Tricopylla, ideal for less sunshine.

The Grass for Sunshine
There’s a big difference between the grass for shadow and the grass for sunshine, as the last one will need at least 8 hours of sunshine each day. When it reaches maturity, it will be very resistant to drought, as it needs a small quantity of water to survive. The species of grass that gives this resistance is Festuca Arundinaceea, and it should represent between 40% and 60% of the total seeds.

The rest of the species in the combination can be varieties of Lollium and Poa, but you need to keep in mind that the resistance to drought of this grass will appear at its maturity, not when it just started growing. Because of this, you need to take care of your lawn, as usual, watering it every day.

The Universal Grass
This type of grass can be used almost anywhere, as you can place it wherever you have at least four hours of sunshine per day. For example, if you have places where there are trees that give plenty of shadow during the day, you can put it there without problems. It’s different from the shadows made from walls or buildings because the branches of the trees let the sunshine pass through. This type of grass is made from a combination of three species of grass, the Festuca, the Poa and the Lolium. The grass from any lawn should be combined in such a way that it contains grass with resistance to sunshine in the sunny areas, and grass with resistance to shadows, in shadowy areas. If you have a playground, you can use grass that’s ideal for sport or with a high traffic resistance.

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